Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The right or wrong {diet?!}

So I've been reading the ABS diet book for woman!  I really like it! It seems to have all the right and interesting facts! It's teaching me a lot! About diabetes, tran-fat, high blood-pressure. Good things to know!
I'm trying to find not a {Diet} but a new lifelong way to eat better and stay healthy and fit!
It says in the book you can have one bad food (your addiction. ;-) only once a week. It's main goal..from what I have read so far is to make your body burn calories from the food you eat and to stay full and helps you not to binge eat. It gives you 12 main foods to eat
- Almonds and other nuts.
-Beans and legumes
-Spinach and other green vegetables.

-Dairy (fat-free or low-fat milk,yogurt, cheese)
-Imstant oatmeal (unsweetened )
-Turkey and other lean meats.

-Peanut butter.
-Olive oil.
-Whole-grain bread and cereal.
-Extra-protein (whey) powder
-Raspberries and other berries.
What do the capitalized words say...( ABS diet power )
-what diets have you tried, and either failed or succeeded at!?

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