Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ Bad Addiction }

Well tonight I realized what my bad addiction is. -no not smoking -no not drinking {I could go on..but I this k u understand, and are following. } my bad addiction like many people is ..dun dun DUN! {ICE CREAM} come on who doesn't love ice cream! I know its super bad
for u. But my favorite kind of ice cream..{ Java chip -from Starbucks } (a photo of this amazingness is on my Instagram) the best thing..you don't have to go run to Starbucks and get it! Its at the grocery store!
Anyways just thought I would share that w/ you.
So ..what's your Bad Addiction? !

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  1. hehehe i don't think this is a bad addiction! it's a GREAT one!!!
    i love ice cream


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