Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Would u camp out for new fast food ?!

My husband and I are really excited that a new { Chick Fil A } is having their grand opening tomorrow!
We passed by it a couple minutes ago and there were tons of people camped out in tents! I'm super excited that it's about 5 minutes away from our apartment {not such a great thing...cause my hubs will want to go daily} And I'm on a mission to her ABS!
-But...Would you camp out? Okay so I had to edit this. So now my friends on Facebook are saying the first 100 people get free food for a year! sounds amazing..but there would be my whole plan to get ABS down the drain.

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  1. I eat t Chick fil a often, but don't think I'd camp out-even for a years worth.


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