Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hey there,
 I believe I had said somewhere in this blog ;) that I would do a blog Giveaway once I hit 50 people. Well I have had 52 followers for months now! I'm slacking!
 So I just started back up into crocheting again. I stopped the day before Kyra was born. Wow.. Took me 4 months to get back into it. I just (Almost) finished yet again another scarf! "What?!" I love making them and there super easy!
 Anyways. So for the giveaway.. (Duh) I will be making a scarf for a special person (That Random.Org picks )
 I will make the scarf once the winner emails me and lets me know what color they would like- You can choose 2 colors for the scarf.
 Also, Once you receive your scarf in the mail I will let you do a "Guest Post" On my blog! 
 All you have to do is leave as many comments as u want.. And I'm not going to force you to follow me! That's your choice. You can leave a comment for liking or following me on my other sites (for instance) -Facebook -Instagram -Pinterest! But I am pretty cool ;) If I wasn't me I would follow me just to see the cute baby pictures :)
 If you would like to view my handy work before entering the giveaway.. (Go to my blog and you will see the list of "Labels" and one will be (Crochet) click on that and Vwala..! ) or just go here CROCHET
 Make sure in the comment you leave me below that you add your email address that way I can letch a know if your a winner!  
 Good luck ! **This Giveaway will end July 1st** {so get those comments in}


  1. I'm in! Love the little owl hat you made! ejxw33 at gmail dot com

  2. Congrats on your 50!! I am following you now and hope to see more about you...hugs Khris

  3. Congrats!! I would so love to have your giveaway, di@

  4. Great work! Congratulations on your followers!
    Briana @

  5. Congratulations on over 50 followers! Your scarves are lovely and your daughter is gorgeous. ;-)
    justforthis917 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  6. YEAH, your first giveaway! I want one of your scarves!!! :) You do a great job on your scarves- Love ya sis :) xoxo (and you already know my email!!

  7. I forgot I could comment more than once! Fabulous!! Increase my chances of winning such a great scarf--thanks!
    Enjoy your weekend. =)

  8. what beautiful work! congrats on 50 (and more!) followers!

  9. I forgot I could comment more than once too! hehe.... Dear, ... PICK ME!!! :) Love you Annie XO!

  10. Ready for the 2nd giveaway since I missed the deadline...
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com


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