Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on everything

**Photo Challenge Update-
Here is my Photo Challenge if you can't find it.

 Well folks. I'm having a hard time (EVERYDAY) Uploading and updating on my blog. I just don't have time. So here is the Deal- Every month I Post a new Photo Challenge.. But here is the catch.. I don't post them on my blog. I post them on my facebook fan page.. Easier to do .. and can do it from my phone. I made my life a little easier the other day and decided to start taking my pictures from my phone... not as great quality as my little canon.. but it saves time. And I need time ! :) So at the END of the month I will post my photo collage of with all that months challenge photo's in it.
 My new Photo Challenge will be up in a couple days!!!!!!  Also If you have any cool ideas for July Challenge leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your ideas please! I already have an Idea for July 4th though .. Sorry ;)

 **Baby Kyra Update-
Weird and crazy to say.. but baby Kyra is now 4 months old!

Eating Her Rice Cereal 2 times or more a day! .. Plus Formula!

She loves her little silky bear
 **Hair Update-
Well I have been meaning to cut my hair for months now.. It's falling out like crazy cause of having a baby. But it also had super bad split ends.. I just needed a change also. I felt super Blahh.. Now I feel Great, New and improved ;) ...
Trim, layers, and BANGS!!!

 Well that's about it ! Hope you enjoyed my little events :)

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