Sunday, January 22, 2012

7 Pretty Things!

I'm doing this blog post of "7 Pretty things that are making life Lovelier for me" to be linked up on the blog Much Love, illy
 Hmm so 7 pretty things ! Let me think.

~Pretty Thing 1: My little Kyra Lee, Life would be very different without this little munchkin. I may have yet to see her face, or hear her cry but Just feeling her kicks makes my life complete.

~Pretty Think 2: Flowers, Who wouldn't love seeing flowers everyday! They make me happy !

 ~Pretty Think 3: The Moon, What would we all do without it !
~Pretty Thing 4: My Cat Simba, I love my little punkin! She makes me smile!
~Pretty Thing 5: Crochet, It makes me happy when I finish my projects. This is a Scarf that I'm in the process of finishing !

~Pretty thing 6: Eye's, Not necessarily my eyes but I just love eyes!                                                              ,
~Pretty Thing 7: Folsom, I love where we live!
  Well there you go! All these things make me happy !!!!! I would have put a picture of my husband.. besides this last one, But I don't think he would like being in the category of PRETTY. 


  1. Love that you included an ultrasound of your daughter! So sweet!

  2. Love your pretty things..especially number 1! That's got to be the best one ever :)

  3. Love how you shared your ultra sound photo! That is the winner from all the blog posts I've seen. That is truly an inspiration. Congratulations. Linking up from The Blog Hop (#28)! Come and visit me at

  4. I'm so glad you like my blog... I think yours is awesome too :-)
    Duke is an English Bulldog puppy and he is just too cute and amazing! In love!
    So exciting about your little baby girl - I'm sure you cannot wait to meet her :-)
    Following... and hope you'll become a regular to my blog
    Love from Bailey of Vanilla Blonde


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