Sunday, January 22, 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant and some random photo's

Welp I'm 38 weeks now. Little Kyra is determined to stay in her warm little home. You think she would be getting a little cramped by now.
 One of my friends just had her baby LAST NIGHT ! Landon is such a cute little baby! Seeing him makes me so excited to meet my little one! I can't wait. I'm so excited for the new mommy and daddy!
 Sometimes it still just doesn't seem real that we are having a baby. Last night I was sitting in my rocking chair looking around at all the baby stuff around me. And feeling little Kyra's hand on my side, brought tears to my eyes! This is so REAL! When I saw the picture of little Landon I couldn't stop starring! He's so REAL!
 Here are some of my snapshots of the baby bump :)

Trying out my new adorable headband I got off ebay for what.. I think 1 dollar ! You like !?

 I love playing with this awesome widget! Every time I click it to the next one my jaw drops :) lol

 It's been a rainy cold dark weekend.

 This is me waiting for Ben to get home from the base.
 Aren't they just so cute !

 Kinda a creepy picture of simba, But I thought it was funny :)
Random.. Yes. Cool .. I think so !
Well that's my update, Hope you enjoyed. Maybe next time I do a post Kyra will be here !!

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