Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Girl Headband and Bow

So I was going threw blogs the other day and I found a really easy pattern for a headband! And I have never in my life followed any kind of a pattern whatsoever! So I was pretty excited to actually finish this one!! I did have to look up some of the different stitches that were on this pattern. But I will add them all on here so you can see just what I did to make this! A CRAFTY COOK is where I found this pattern. As you can see it sounds really easy! I used a bigger size hook just to be able to see what I was doing.
Here are the video's and pages that I used for the Crochet Stitches I didn't know how to do. ~FOUNDATION SINGLE CROCHET STITCH~ , ~REVERSE SINGLE CROCHET~, ~SLIP STITCH~,  ~FASTEN OFF AND WEAVE IN ENDS~ .
So here are a couple snap shots of the headband that I made.

FINISHED PRODUCT! ... Besides not being connected.
Now for the Cute, Simple Bow !
 I found this while I was searching for video's on how to finish off this headband. I fell in love ! I can't believe I did this! I'm so excited! I've never really branched out before, and When I do ... I normally give up! I'm so glad I didn't! The Video I found is ~BOW TUTORIAL~ <-----Here ! I hope you can figure it out! She was a great instructor and I hope you find this as simple as I did! Oh and also, I didn't know how to do a Tripple Crochet Stitch so here also is the video I found ~TRIPLE CROCHET STITCH~
Here are my snapshots of the bow!

Here is the bow attached to the headband! I just sewed it by hand together. I accidentally cut my string on the bow and the headband to small so I had to tie a piece of yarn to the little yarn hanging off the headband. And then weaved it on!

Ben just had to get into the picture! He asked me if when Kyra was born if I was going to be dressing her up with all the things I make.. I said ... DUH!! HAHA!
 I hope you enjoyed my post! I am so excited that I finished this project! Hope you make one too :)


  1. if you want to make one for her to wear when she's first born make the length of the headband about 12 1/2 inches long :) It's cute.

  2. I LOVE this is so cute and you did my video justice :)

  3. Oh my goodness! That is SO CUTE!! I wish I knew how to crochet... :o)

    Congratulations on the baby! :o)

    found you at the Sasse life's Sunday Social!

    you should come enter my Valentine giveaway.

  4. That is the sweetest thing EVER! Your Kyra is going to look adorable in it! I wish I could make crocheted goodies for my daughter!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment!! I'm your newest follower. I love your cute site!

    Please come enter this adorable headband into my link party??

  5. What a cute headband. It's going to look even cuter on your baby. Congratulations! I am a new follower visiting from I Can Teach My Child. Vicky from Mess For Less

  6. This is very sweet. Great pics!! Congrats on the upcoming baby. I see you have just a couple more days (give or take).

  7. How adorable! I'll have to try this out - though I'm not great at crochet.

    I've just started a link party devoted to projects inspired by pinterest.
    Very Pinteresting Party

  8. Extremely cute! Makes me wish for a little girl but God gave me a sweet sweet boy!


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