Tuesday, January 17, 2012

37 weeks Checkup

So I went to my now weekly OB Dr. visit. And my stomach is 35 in. It has grown one inch since last week. I asked my Dr. If she thought that Kyra had dropped yet. She checked and yep, Little Kyra has dropped and is ready at any moment to say hello to the world. I hope it's soon!
 My Dr. did the heart beat check and little Kyra kept kicking the little wand that she was rubbing across the belly. She is a very active little bug :) Let's hope she sleeps once she is born, Because it seems right now.... She never sleeps.
 Hubs and I are going for a walk on his lunch break. I want to keep walking and maybe it will speed things up a bit.

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  1. how exciting to be a mom! i hope someday soon i can be one too! i'm glad both u and the baby are healthy and fine and i do wish you a safe labor and that you and the baby are healthy, always!

    thanks for dropping by my blog :)



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