Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spanish Rice Recipe

Here is a easy recipe I love to make! It's so yummy! My mom used to make it when I lived at home, It took me a while to like it. I'm not a big hamburger meat fan. Depends on what it's with or in. But now that I'm a little older I love it ! It's not a spicy dinner. But if you want it to be I'm sure you could add your own stuff in it like jalapenos.. or whatever. But here is the recipe ! Hope you enjoy it !

~ Hamburger 
~ Brown or White Rice
~ Spaghetti Sauce 
~ Onion
~  Bell Pepper
~ Celery
~ Olives
~ Taco Seasoning
~ Garlic or Garlic Powder
~ Cumin

I don't really go by any measurements of the items above, because I just go by taste and I've made it so many times now.  For the Hamburger, I get a small quantity of it, not the big one. And I use that Whole dish of it.
 I use about 2 to 3 cups of rice and I boil it in the microwave till it's nice and soft.You want to fill the bowl with water about two inches above the rice.  I normally start the rice first since it takes the longest. After the rice is about half way done, I brown the Hamburger, strain out the grease,Cut up some onion and brown it the rest of the way to cook out the onion. I'm not a fan of crunching into an onion. I add about half a packet of Taco Seasoning to it, and A little bit of Cumin and Garlic Powder. However much you like. My mom's recipe calls for Celery, But I never put it in mine.
 Once the rice is done. Add the rice to the pot of Hamburger meat. Then add in a can of Spaghetti sauce. ( I will show you pictures at the bottom of this post that has what brands of things I use )  Sometimes if that one big can of spaghetti sauce doesn't really look like enough I put a little water in the can and swish it around to make some more :) Then you will cut up the olives, I use one can ( You can add as much as you like ) And stir it all together .. and WALA!
 Here are my snapshots of last night ! 

                                                           After mixing it all together!            
                                              This is all the brands of things that I use.

                                                   Doesn't it just look so good !!!! ????

    We have always eaten this meal with Chips instead of a fork :) So yummy !!

                                                          Yep a successful dinner !

 Ben got a great idea to put it in a burrito shell. So I went and heated one up in the Microwave for him.
               Not to thrilled to have his picture taken :)
                       Well what's the verdict Ben.. Is it any good ?! He said it was pretty good !

                                         I think we will have that for lunch this afternoon !!

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