Tuesday, September 6, 2011

18 Weeks Pregnant

So pretty much I am getting my energy back ! I feel so amazing ! I feel like how I used to feel ! ( H-Y-P-E-R ) Me!!
 I'm allowed to wear my yoga pants to work ! And my husband and I bought me a baggy shirt at Kohl's ! I love it! So stinking compfy ! Today at work I felt like a million bucks ! Heck maybe 2 million ;) I love my job !
 Anyways so I'm 18 weeks .. 4 and a half months along ! It's so crazy how time can just fly right by your eyes. Ben and I have already been married 14 months, And I'm still crazy about him !
 I have been able to feel the baby moving ! It just feels like little pop corn popping around ! But it's getting a little stronger. I can't wait to find out sept 28th what it is !! We are having my mom come with us for the ultrasound! I'm so excited !!! It will feel so much more real. Then I get to shop for clothes.. finally !!! I haven't bought any clothes AT ALL! Can't wait.
Yesturday at Babies R us we got our crib! The first thing we bought for the munchkin ! When we first found out we were pregnant, I felt odd going into that store. Felt like it was all a dream. Now we are there so much I feel right at home. Ben is normally the one that says "hey lets go to Babies R us".. and I get all annoyed because we are there so much. :)
 Well my next post will be about my ultrasound ! Can't wait. I will keep every one posted !
Oh and P.S. the baby is the size of a bell pepper :) Also all together I have gained 4 pounds.
This is me at 15 weeks pregnant.

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