Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pregnancy Weight Gain/ Baby Names

                                                                   PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN

My first Trimester I didn't gain any weight. My Dr. asked me if I was eating enough. I told her "Oh Yes" "My husband and I ate dinner at home, Then went to Taco Bell a couple minutes later" Ya I'm eating enough... Trust me :) She said that I am just one of the lucky ones then.
 I am finally starting to gain my weight now that I'm in my second Trimester. I have gained 6 pounds so far. It shows that I am right on track. Just a pound under what my weight should be.  PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN CALCULATOR.

                                                                     BABY NAMES   

So for our names right away I said Cohen for a boy name and Ben loved it. And Landed as the middle name since my mom has always LOVED the name Landon. She always told us kids that one of us would have to name our kid that.
 And for a girl it was a little harder. We thought of couple of names ( Payton, Dallas, Dakota, Zoe, and Kyra )
 Payton was our first name we were thinking about for a while. After a while I ended up not liking it because it's kind of a hard name to say.. it comes out Pay-tin. And I didn't like that much. We thought of a lot of girl names before coming to the desicion of Kyra. So for a middle name I was stumped. So I asked Ben what his mom's middle name is since I was doing the whole Landon thing for my mom. So we decided on Kyra Lee !
                                                                           Boy Name


                                                                    Girl Name



  1. Glad u found me! We have very similar tastes in names! I love cohen and landon and kyra! And my nieces name is payton and i dont like it for the same reason you dont haha im ur mewest follower!

  2. Thanks for the follow!
    Have you and your husband picked any names out ?


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