Friday, July 1, 2011

first Ultrasound !

Well we finally got on our insurance. And a Dr. all in one day.
 So we made a Dr. appointment for July 1st! I was so extremely nervous. On our way there my husband went a different way and it was like a short cut, so it threw me off and made me even more nervous.
 But anyways. She got my appointment going really fast !  Then came the ultrasound time. The Dr. buzzed the nurse and told her to bring in daddy ! So Ben came in the room and we got to see our little munchkin !! It was so amazing. I was in awe ! This little thing was OURS !! Not someone of the TV or some show... but OURS !
 She said  the baby is healthy every thing is normal! She also told me I could have a 12 pound baby if needed .. my bone structure was built for having babies ! Very good news to hear.
 Also coming up tomorrow is Mine and Ben's one year anniversary! So this was kinda an early present for the both of us. It's so amazing how far we have come together! WERE HAVING A BABY !! Some one pinch me!

 Now the next big thing... BOY or GIRL!


  1. That is so exciting! I'm glad everything went well. I remember my first ultrasound really well. I called our baby a gummy bear :)

    Have a great weekend mama-to-be!

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  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! My little newborn has captured our hearts! Such a blessing!

    Btw, google screwed up and posted my comment above incorrectly so I had to delete and redo it when I signed back in! :)


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