Monday, June 27, 2011

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator !

So have I mentioned yet how ecstatic we are ??!!! Well if I haven't well (Were Ecstatic)
 I did a pregnancy due date calculator online. It says right now our little munchkin is the size of a grape !
 I'm 9 weeks pregnant !! I wish you didn't have to wait 4 long months to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl :(
 Oh well that's life.
 It says that I am due around January 24th !!!!
 I have been stocking up on Dr. Seuss books ! I love love LOVE them !! There normal price's are like 8 $ a book. I found these ones at a thrift store for a dolor fifty each !!  

                                       And of course the cat has to sneak her way in the picture :)

                                                      Can't forget bedtime story books !!!
                     And of course I'm reading (What to expect when your expecting ) great books !
   My husband and I are set on the name Cohen if it's a boy. I love the name Zoe, But we aren't set on that. I also like the names Dallas and Dakota.
 And of course I have been getting sick .. For the past 2 weeks I'm ether sick the whole day or at least once a day. Got to have those saltine crackers handy... (Ben... Can you get me my crackers ;)
 I haven't been craving to many things. Some of them are Bean of Bacon and Doritos's . Ice cream of course. Pop sickles. Pizza, Chinese food.  I still haven't been working out. Still waiting on getting our insurance going that way I can have a million questions about fitness to ask my Dr. We went to Chinese last Saturday and  my fortune out of my cookie read this.....
   Ya so I know I need to do *SOMETHING* 
I still haven't finished my baby blanket. Haven't worked on it in a long time.
  Hope you liked my little update.

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  1. I liked your little update :) And you found some Dr. Seuss books!!! Sweet!


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