Monday, April 4, 2011

Owl Platters

These are Owl platters I guess is what they are. I saw them in marshals the other day and I had to get one. Then I decided to go back the next day and get the other owl so that they wouldn't be lonely ! I love them.
 I'm going to use them as spoon rests. One on each side of the stove.


  1. EEEEEKK!!! I love them so much!! I wish I had a marshals out here.. I love love looooooove these little guys!

  2. very cute - we finally got Marshals here - sorry it took so long to visit

  3. Thanks. I love shopping at marshals. They have a ton of cute stuff.
    At Pier one imports they have owl salt and pepper shakers that I want to get sometime !!

  4. AWE! I'm so jealous! I want owl salt and pepper shakers! I love owls too!!

  5. These are adorable!!!! I need some for a friend of mine!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! :)

  6. You should get some !! I'm sure they will be all gone soon !!! Your so welcome !!

  7. Hello from Bainbridge!
    Thanks for popping by!
    I LOVE owls!
    These are too adorable!
    It's amazing the CUTE owl things you can find!
    Love your blog!
    Happy Day!
    Bainbridge Island

  8. thanks so much!! Owls are my new fav animal! You should check out this blog.. they have a TON of owl stuff
    Have a great day !!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    My middle daughter and I share a love for owls, just as my grandmother did.

  10. And me too :) It's a recent thing for me. I love eyes and owls have AMAZING eyes ! There such beautiful animals. Wish we could have one as a pet !!

  11. Cute find! Just stopping by to welcome you to our community of bloggers! Blessings!


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