Saturday, April 2, 2011

P90X healthy smoothie

This is my husband and my " Healthy " and " Yummy " Smoothie.. You didn't know those two words could be in the same sentence did you?! Well yep it is possible to be healthy and enjoy your food.
 We make this at least twice a day! Here is the recipe.

  1 Banana.
   Half cup ice.
   Half cup black berries or mixed berries.
   Cup of milk.
   1 scoop of protein.


  1. Sounds good! Let your bananas get really ripe, peel them and freeze them. That and Use frozen berries and you won't need the ice and it will be really smooth!

  2. we make pretty much the same thing almost DAILY for our kids....we just don't use the protein powder...still yummy!

  3. I'm sure it is still yummy !! I love berries. Our protein is chocolate flavor so it gives it a little kick ;)


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