Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 15th

-My Photo A Day * Drink* 
Ben always has to have his milk :) That is love right there!

-FatMumSlim Photo A Day *Love* 
Our Baby Kyra turned 3 months yesterday on the 15th .. Boy how time flies.

-Blog Challenge *Timeline of my Day*
3am Alarm went off. I got ready for work.
3:40am Left for work
4am Clocked in at work
7:30am Clocked out and headed home
7:35 took over watching baby Kyra
9am kyra takes a nap while I work out
10am feed Kyra
12pm make Ben lunch
2pm feed Kyra
4:45pm Made dinner
5:30pm Went to the hospital to meet my friends new baby!
8:30 Headed home
9pm Fed Kyra
9:30 pm went to bed.. Didn't go to sleep till around 11.....
 And that's my TimeLine :)

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