Saturday, February 11, 2012

One last BAD FOOD post

I found on a blog or Pinterest or I don't know somewhere about these yummy treats.. They are Graham Crackers with Whip Cream .. You put the Whip Cream between the two pieces of a Graham Cracker and freeze them. So I did that last night, and I ate 2 this morning.. Why the heck would I wake up and eat that ? I have to say  .... (welp it just sounded good) At least the Whip Cream was sugar free. It's suppose to taste like an ice cream sandwich but somewhat better for you.
 My friend Joy just started herself a blog!The Year I Decided To Do A Pull-Up .I am her first Follower! She is telling in her blog what she has eaten for that day.... Man... if I did that my whole pregnancy and then looked back on that.. I would cry. I have to say after getting motivated from her blog.. I literally got off the couch and got donuts.   How sad is that :( While I was eating those little devil mini donuts I searched (fitness) on Pinterest.... as you can see there are a ton of skinny/Better put (Healthy) girls on there. Ya I told Ben .. ( Get these donuts away from me ) All he did was set them on the coffee table in front of me... That didn't help much.. they are just sitting there waiting to be eaten.. But not by me :) I just got up and put them away. If I were to throw them away.. hubs would kill me!
Any-Whoo.. Here are those pic's of the evil food...

Sorry if I have tempted you to eat bad :( But hey.. Get tempted.. But don't fall for it. There are so many bad/yummy TEMPTATIONS out there.. But just use your head and be smart!
 I'm really excited to work out again after Kyra is born!
 Oh and P.S. I really want to make this for my husband on V-Day! It's a Pazooki!  :) Shhhhh don't tell :) But hey! Who's to say I won't be in the hospital then.
I got it from this blog The Larson Lingo


  1. Hope you have a chance to make the pizookie! It is SO yummy! Congrats on your upcoming arrival! Girls are so fun!

  2. OMG, if you have Kyra on Wen. (Which ben told me is when they will force your labor) Thats gonna be on Jason's birthday!!!! He'll be turning 4


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