Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kyra's Baby Shower.

My sister threw my baby shower while she was out here also. Ben and I came a little early before anyone was there.... we stepped in the house and we were in awe! It all looked so cute. All her idea's were adorable!
 She had a little table set up for lemonade, a table for all the goodies.. there was a lot of goodies. Every one loooved her sugar cookies! My fav was the cup cakes. On another little table she had the guest sign in thing... it wasn't just a sign in.. She had stamped a umbrella onto a piece of paper and had every one dip there finger in a blue ink pad and stamp around the umbrella, making it look like it was raining. ( Hence baby SHOWER) Super cute idea! On another table she had the little tag home goody. She also had a photo booth set up for whoever wanted to take pictures while they were there. I had fun with that !
 It was such a great experience. I'm so thankful for what my sister did for us! It turned out so cute and amazing! Wouldn't change a thing !!!!! Thanks Jessie !!!

For this game.. We all got a cup with a baby in an ice cube... the first person to have there ice completely melted had to yell ( MY WATER BROKE)
The yummy goody's!!

The photo booth I'd say was a big hit !

We got home that night... and sorted threw all the stuff.

We have every thing we need ...Now we just wait for Kyra to pick her Birthday!
~ The rest of these pictures, were taken from my sister's camera.

 Isn't he just so stinking cute !

 Ya.... no one knew how to spell niece that day !
 This is my Aunt Sarah!
 Baby Kyra and Baby Landon

 Let's hope Kyra doesn't have lips like her mother ;)

 I got so many great gifts !
 This is my crazy family. Aunt Jeanna !

 We all love being so crazy !
 I had an awesome day ! Loved every minute of it !  
We all love being so crazy ! I had an awesome day ! Loved every minute of it !  
 My sister has made a blog post about my baby shower as well.. make sure to go and visit that !! It's so cute


  1. Glad you loved it as much as I loved throwing it! :) Love you!

  2. Wow! That was really cute. I know Heather wishes she could've been there. Hope the best for you all.


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