Monday, December 12, 2011

Walking Taco Dinner

I saw this easy make on the news. It looks yummy! You could make dinner in probably only 1 minute! How awesome would that be ?!
All you need to do is ......
You Just Cut the top of the Doritos bag off, Crunch up the chips from the outside with your hands, And then add all your Yummy Taco ingredients! You can make it yours.. add your Onions,Tomatoes,Sour Cream (EW) I hate sour cream by the way :) But yeah. Oh and these may be chips... but use a fork to eat this... if not it may just get a little messy!
 I have yet to try this on my hubs, But maybe soon. Sounds so good right now!
 And I'm pretty sure it's kid approved! Come on a bag of Doritos for dinner! Your kids will love ya !

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