Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready for our SECOND CHRISTMAS TOGETHER!... "already"

We stared the day of good by going to our Folsom church " Lakeside "
 Towards the end of the service I thought I was going to die... I had to cough.. and cough.. and again.. I was trying so hard to hold them in .. but it wasn't working.. my eyes started watering and my nose was running. Not a fun time. But still a good start to our day.
 After church we headed up the hill in the car to look at all the Christmas Decor at Apple Hill. We didn't see anything new there. So we headed back down the hill.
 We knew Home Depot had some cheap tree's .. so we went and checked them out for the second time thise week. We found the perfect one right away. I had never really thought it was that exciting to get a Christmas tree before.. But I actually LOVED this tree. I've never loved a tree like this one :) That seems a little weird to say but it was true! It was just so bright green ! And only 25 $

After we got our AMAZING TREE! We headed over for a quick lunch at Mcdonalds. We got our Limited Time Free Glass !!!! I picked the purple one ! So pretty. Now I have an excuse to go there... " Come on Ben.. we have to collect them all ;)
 We got home, Unloaded out Beautiful tree. And ben put it upright in the stand and vacuumed up the mess... Kyra I think was tramatised from the vacuum. Then after Vacuuming ... He made us dinner. Chicken,Green beans and his new recipe POTATO GRTIN .. MMM ! So good ! I don't know what I did to deserve a guy like this !

After dinner we did our Christmas Decorating ! I had so much fun ! I Loved it !

Our Amazing Tree !

I had a great day ! SO MUCH FUN !!!!

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  1. Fun! I haven't done much decorating .. haven't been motivated really :( We have our tree up though. I'm going to make a tree skirt for it though out of some old blanket thing we have that I want to throw out. I've been in the middle of trying to redo our living room set up and such that I'm confused as how to decorate... UGH! I hate not knowing what to do in decorating and making our place homey.


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