Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Girl !!

Well we had our 21 week Ultrasound!!!!
 Ben, my mom and I all went. At first the Ultraszound Tech couldn't tell if it was a Boy or a Girl... But the minute she put it to the butt of the baby I could tell. She just didn't want to say it to soon.
 We got some really great pictures and she finaly was able to get a good one of the butt and she said IT'S A LITTLE GIRL! Kyra Lee !
 I'm so excited. Ben and I went to target that night and he finally let me by a onesie.. (however you spell it) It says sweet pea on it :)  We went again the next day and found more cute clothes, Ben picked one out that said "Daddy says I can't date till i'm 25"
 Time is flying by so fast.... specially when they tell you that your Due Date really is Jan 24.. the earlier date they gave me! So I'll be 24 weeks next Tuesday....(6Months) Only 116 days till my Due Date! AHHH!
 Here are the pic's of little Kyra!

Sucking on her fingers

Got her hands up ready to fight.

Yep it's a girl :)
She could feel the ultrasound ball pushing on her.. at one point I felt her kick it.
 Ben and my mom got a kick out of how much she was moving.. I was like I told you Ben !
 I'm getting so excited! I wish she was already here.

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