Monday, April 25, 2011

Simon the Cat

Hello all.. hope you enjoy cats as much as I do ! I know my mom,sister, and brothers girl friend do !
 My mom somehow found these crazy "simon the cat" Youtube video's ! The first one I saw was Simon and the box ! It's hilarious!  Here is a link to youtube to watch one ! Simon and Box .While your there check out all the other ones !
 Here is the official Simon the cat WEBSITE ! Enjoy!


  1. HAHA I love simon's cat! He's so hilarious! I like how at the end he's always like, "Meow" and points to his mouth! LOL

  2. I know me too !! he's like eh eh .. he makes a weird noise.. i always do that. The first time ben did it we were in church and i started busting up laughing !!


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