Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nutrition label please!

Do *YOU* take the time to stop and look at what you have just grabbed off the shelf at the grocery store? Really .. have you .. maybe you have just looked at  the front... (MMM LOOKS GOOD) .. um hello .. NO!.. You need to read the nutrition label. You may not think that it's all that bad..then ya flip it over and whoo-hoo,... back on the shelf it should go.
 My husband and I wanted a Jack in the box shake last night.. he looked up the calories and um ya we decided a big NO on that one ! Instead we drank a water =)

 Here is a really bad nutrition label... 

 Here is a visual for you .. remember everytime you eat a piece of candy,potato chip,pie,cracker.. whatever... think of how bad it is for you. Really Just think.. if you eat it .. you will regret it..go get some healthy food.. get some strawberries,apples,celery.. whatever. You know what's good and what's not!
 I am fascinated by these books. I don't have one, but I would Love one !
 Hope this helped you think a little more ! .... remember PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF ! Here is where you can find them Here


  1. Way to suck the fun out of life! haha ;) jk

  2. Hey !!!!! Life isn't all about eating ! LOL ;)

  3. There are still yummy food's out there that are low in calories and sugar and fat and all that.


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