Sunday, April 17, 2011

P90X - Progress ... Yoga ?!

Hey there.. I have been meaning to do a post on here.. just have been busy.. (surfing threw peoples blogs) :)
 Where to begin. So Back on the lean program.. I will be going on week 4 in a couple days here. And I'm sticking with it. I do take a rest Saturday and Sunday. Just cause my husband and I are always out doing something on the weekends. But get right back into it on Monday!
 So Yesterday, My husband went to the base.. I was just being a bum pretty much all day... I knew I had yoga, but I was trying to not think about it.. I would glance at the clock once in a while .. ( I need to do yoga )... okay a couple more minutes. I was determined *NOT* to do yoga.. I do not like it. It makes me super mad.. made enough to just say .. fine that's it .. no more p90x EVER AGAIN. So I turned on the x-box.. started my yoga.. and was not at all focused or motivated.. got super mad .. So I turned it off and went for a run... the only down part about my run.. a bug went up my nose, and as I was walking over a bridge.. a biker went across.. I felt the vibration.. and freaked out.. threw my hands in the air.. ( ya I had my headphones on..didn't hear him ) I'm a dork !   I felt ten times better when I got home .I toyed with the idea of maybe just skipping yoga altogether and going on a run in it's place. I talked to a couple of BeachBody coaches, Some said no you really need yoga, it's really important. And others said. If it's making you that mad.. skip it. Some said go on your run then when you get back do the last half of yoga. I don't mind the last half of yoga. It's just all the downward dogs, and worrier 1 worrier 2 .. come on with it already.My weight is staying the same.. I guess that's good. I don't really have weight to lose, I just want to get in shape. Main thing I want defined .. *Arms & Stomach* .. what's your main worry? Where do you want the results to show up the most on your body?
So I'm not sure what I will end up doing. We shall see. I want some more feedback!
 Today I am feeling great, I knocked out legs and Back and ab ripper ! Great workout ! After that it was time for some protein. I'm not liking the taste of our new protein so I decided to make a smoothie and just put the protein in that. And for lunch I made an Egg sandwich .. haven't had that in a long time.
 Ben .. well where to begin. He is doing great !! He has lost 16 pounds altogether !! He looks great!! He is so excited ! And I am excited for him. And me :) He is improving with all of the workouts. Including yoga. But he has those day's too, where he wants to skip yoga. I'm not the only one right.. hello.. ? Right .. I'm not !
 One of the coaches I have been messaging on facebook today introduced me to * Turbo Fire *
 Check it out !!.. go ahead click on it !! It makes me want to get up and do it right now.. but I don't have the CD'S..... YET ! I will... you can count on that !! I'm so excited to try it !! Can't wait.

 I will keep you updated about our intense journey on P90X :)  If you are reading this and your like psh I am so not doing any of this. Then.. what are you doing ? You need to do something. It's good for you .Maybe your not a candidate for any of these.. but if you  ran everyday and got somewhat in shape.. you could be ready for these.. really YOU CAN DO IT! . It keeps you healthy!! Keeps your heart healthy, Metabolism Great!  Come on .. you know you at least want to try !!!! .. Right.
 Okay so enough beating  you up. Have a great day :)


  1. lol, you crack me up! :) .. love the story about your jog- the bug in the nose and the throwing your hands in the air! hehe

  2. haha I stopped running and was like picking my nose.. hope no one was watching :)


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