Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Gerber Baby

Like babies? I sure do ! I entered Kyra in the Gerber generation Photo Contest!  I will be voting for my baby Kyra every day when it comes time to voter for her ! You can start voting August 4th and you can vote once a day!
To vote when it comes time just type in this # (118002 )  The Gerber Generation Photo Search 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Photo A Day Collages

 Sailing With Bare Feet Photo A Challenge-
FatMumSlim Photo A Day Challenge-
There you go!!
 And if you can't find July's new challenge....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

- WhO - ?!

Yesterday was a very special day..and I didn't even remember why until later that afternoon. It was my husband and my 2 year anniversary.  Since it was such a short notice we went to coldstones! Yum! We went to our Folsom Bunny Park and we slide down the slide a couple of times!
Anyways now the meaning of this post...yesterday ..or maybe it was the day before, any-who Ben wanted me to download the song flower from (Gone in 60 seconds) so I did. He was watching the YouTube video and it showed a pic of Angelina Jolie. I have had three people tell me that I look like her. I've also got told I look like the Olson twins when I was a little girl and my husband said that I looked like Katie Holmes. The only one I can see is the Olson twins, I really did look like them when I was little.  Who is your celebrity look alike?
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blog Givaway WINNER!!

Well It's July 1st!!! Lucky # 2 You have won my blog giveaway! *KHRISTINA AKA KHRIS* I hope you enjoy my scarf and that it keeps you warm !

Oh and FYI.. you didn't win a chicken dinner... ;)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't forget! -Starting tomorrow and ending tomorrow!

Hey there!
Just a reminder, my blog giveaway ends tomorrow so hurry and get your comments in before its to late!
And also photo a day July is taking off tomorrow!  I hope everyone has fun! Happy snapping!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grand opening!

Well the grand opening for chick Fil A was today!  For my husbands lunch break we all 3 got in the car and headed over there! There was tons of people! People going in to eat, people going threw the drive threw,people directing traffic, people taking your order and of course the person inside the cow costume with the sign that says {eat more chicken}
My husband was going crazy, he was so excited...(even over the cow) he said babe..you could work here! I just gave him the look..then he said you could be the cow!  Ya what a great idea honey...you calling me a fatty! Haha!  Then he got all excited saying that he should be the cow and how he would be a good cow. I love my husband!
I'm still trying to eat not so bad. So I got a chicken sandwich.  No fries and no drink.  Even though my husband kept trying to get Me to forget and eat a French fry. I didn't!

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July Photo Challenge

Well folks it's here! I finally had time after cleaning,reading,taking care of baby and eating to go on PicMonkey and make the great Photo A Day!
 I hope this is a fun one for you! 
I always look up important dates for the months.
-4th- of July
-14th- My husbands Birthday
-22nd- Parents Day
 There were only a few for this month.

  •  Every Day you will look at this picture and you will take a picture that has something to do with that prompt. There is no wrong picture! 
  • Have Fun, Be Creative, Be Crazy!!
  • You can share you amazing picture anywhere on the web! 
  • Facebook you would add an album titled something like {Photo A Day July} Also you can follow my facebook fan page and upload them right onto my fan page if you like. That way all the other Photo A Day takers can see your pictures too. And you can see theirs and mine.
  • Instagram you would use the hastags #photoadaychallenge #photoadaychallengejuly #sailingwithbarefeetphotoadaychallenge
  • Blogspot you would upload your picture and tell us a little bit about it. And from there you can also Pin it to your Pinterest account if you have one! 
  • Twitter (I don't have a Twitter but I'm sure you get the hint of how all this works!
  • The main thing HAVE FUN! Enjoy the beauty of life and everything around you! 
 Any Questions email me @ crazyannie91@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Would u camp out for new fast food ?!

My husband and I are really excited that a new { Chick Fil A } is having their grand opening tomorrow!
We passed by it a couple minutes ago and there were tons of people camped out in tents! I'm super excited that it's about 5 minutes away from our apartment {not such a great thing...cause my hubs will want to go daily} And I'm on a mission to her ABS!
-But...Would you camp out? Okay so I had to edit this. So now my friends on Facebook are saying the first 100 people get free food for a year! Hmm..it sounds amazing..but there would be my whole plan to get ABS down the drain.

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The right or wrong {diet?!}

So I've been reading the ABS diet book for woman!  I really like it! It seems to have all the right and interesting facts! It's teaching me a lot! About diabetes, tran-fat, high blood-pressure. Good things to know!
I'm trying to find not a {Diet} but a new lifelong way to eat better and stay healthy and fit!
It says in the book you can have one bad food (your addiction. ;-) only once a week. It's main goal..from what I have read so far is to make your body burn calories from the food you eat and to stay full and helps you not to binge eat. It gives you 12 main foods to eat
- Almonds and other nuts.
-Beans and legumes
-Spinach and other green vegetables.

-Dairy (fat-free or low-fat milk,yogurt, cheese)
-Imstant oatmeal (unsweetened )
-Turkey and other lean meats.

-Peanut butter.
-Olive oil.
-Whole-grain bread and cereal.
-Extra-protein (whey) powder
-Raspberries and other berries.
What do the capitalized words say...( ABS diet power )
-what diets have you tried, and either failed or succeeded at!?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ Bad Addiction }

Well tonight I realized what my bad addiction is. -no not smoking -no not drinking {I could go on..but I this k u understand, and are following. } my bad addiction like many people is ..dun dun DUN! {ICE CREAM} come on who doesn't love ice cream! I know its super bad
for u. But my favorite kind of ice cream..{ Java chip -from Starbucks } (a photo of this amazingness is on my Instagram) the best thing..you don't have to go run to Starbucks and get it! Its at the grocery store!
Anyways just thought I would share that w/ you.
So ..what's your Bad Addiction? !