Tuesday, July 3, 2012

- WhO - ?!

Yesterday was a very special day..and I didn't even remember why until later that afternoon. It was my husband and my 2 year anniversary.  Since it was such a short notice we went to coldstones! Yum! We went to our Folsom Bunny Park and we slide down the slide a couple of times!
Anyways now the meaning of this post...yesterday ..or maybe it was the day before, any-who Ben wanted me to download the song flower from (Gone in 60 seconds) so I did. He was watching the YouTube video and it showed a pic of Angelina Jolie. I have had three people tell me that I look like her. I've also got told I look like the Olson twins when I was a little girl and my husband said that I looked like Katie Holmes. The only one I can see is the Olson twins, I really did look like them when I was little.  Who is your celebrity look alike?
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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! New follower :)


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