Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grand opening!

Well the grand opening for chick Fil A was today!  For my husbands lunch break we all 3 got in the car and headed over there! There was tons of people! People going in to eat, people going threw the drive threw,people directing traffic, people taking your order and of course the person inside the cow costume with the sign that says {eat more chicken}
My husband was going crazy, he was so excited...(even over the cow) he said could work here! I just gave him the look..then he said you could be the cow!  Ya what a great idea calling me a fatty! Haha!  Then he got all excited saying that he should be the cow and how he would be a good cow. I love my husband!
I'm still trying to eat not so bad. So I got a chicken sandwich.  No fries and no drink.  Even though my husband kept trying to get Me to forget and eat a French fry. I didn't!

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