Tuesday, May 29, 2012

****S.W.B.F June Photo Challenge****

Hey there! I hope you are excited as I am! I have been super busy this month, getting back to work, taking care of baby, cleaning, working out, and doing 2 photo challenges at once! I absolutely love taking pictures!
 I am a new Instagram fanatic! I love it!!
 Well Here is ..{ June Photo Challenge }
How To - June 1st you will take a picture of an old photo, June 2nd you will take a picture of landscape whether it be a flower or some grass, June 3 take a picture of "Buckle" and so on! Each day you have a fun photo challenge!
Make sure if you do this challenge you post them to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Or blog ! {And my fan page} I love seeing everyone's pictures!
 If you are wondering where I made this crazy colorful collage .. I made it on PicMonkey!They finally added on the collage ! I was sad to see Picnik go bye bye, But saying Hello to this new awesome website was pretty amazing!
 I hope you like this photo challenge. I'd love to hear your feed back! Be sure and follow me on Instagram,Pinterest,Blogspot,And my Facebook fan page! Enjoy!!

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