Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3rd Photo's *Noisy* & *Something you wore*

Well I went to work today at 4 a.m. got off at 7 then headed to my other job at 8 a.m., got off at around 1ish and came home, fed Kyra then I was debating on taking a nap, or taking my photo's of the day.. So I was dead tired. So I took a nap, I almost jumped up about twice to take my pictures, But I was determined to get a little sleep. So I got an hour and now here I am !!! Idea's of pictures kept flying threw my brain. AHHH

My May Photo A Day- *Noisy*

FatMumSlim Photo A Day- *Something you wore today* 

Extra... May 3rd- Something you wore.

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