Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11th

 Bachmeyer Photography photo a day- *Family Generation* 
 A pic of my Grandma, my mom and then Kyra and I.
FatMumSlim Photo a day- *Kitchen* 
My kitchen is nothing special... but this is in my kitchen!
Photo Blog Challenge- 
15 of my favorite things!
1.(Movie)- The vow
2.(Dinner)- Chicken Dumplings
3.Goodie (Ice Cream)
4.(Song) - Lights by Ellen Goulding
5. (Animal) ... Hmmm Can't choose Dog,Cat,Bunny,Hamster..
6.Talent- Photography
7.Author- Nicolas sparks
8. Sport- Tennis
9.(Fav Jewelry) earrings
10.My babies smile.
11. My husbands Eyes
12.(Fav color) Red
13. Fav candy- M&M's, Skittles,Starburst.
14. Fav Chocolate- Almond joy,Snickers.
15.Fav show- The bachelor,Ellen,Jersey Shore, The Big Bang Theory.

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