Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog challenge & Photo a day *Waking up* & *Something you do Daily*

Day 8 - What's in your Handbag?... More like Diaper bag !
 I have Diapers,wipes,pacifier,chap stick.. and lots more stuff! 

Day 9- What are your worst habits?
Worst habits- Saying sorry to much, Leaving dirty dishes in the sink,forgetting to do laundry. ETC.

 May 9th My photo challenge *Waking up*
Me and Baby Kyra took a little cat nap!
May 9th FatMumSlim- *Something you do everyday*
Of course I brush my teeth every day and night!

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  1. What?! You leave dirty dishes in the sink and forget to do the laundry!!! I'm shocked at you! You should know better!!!! ... you were probably too busy playing with your 3 month old baby girl tsk tsk tsk.... ;) love you


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