Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge/May

Well here it is people..!! I hope you like this Challenge! I spent a lot of time putting this together! I think it looks pretty cool/fun!
 I can't wait till May rolls around! If you participate I'd love you to comment and add your link back to where you have your photos!  -Facebook -Blog -Instagram.. anything! I want to see your idea's!
 You can always see all my pictures from April's Photo A Day Challenge on here or my Facebook Fan Page! Enjoy!!.. So EXCITED!!


  1. Hello..

    I'm looking forward to your May photo a day challenge.

    I'm confused though.. 30 days in May??

  2. I'm so excited for may, that I don't even care that there is 31 days in may! lol.

    ill definitely participate!

  3. I'm excited about the challenge, but what happened to the 31st? Haha.

  4. I've got the page bookmarked and the list printed. Looking forward to May! I'll post back with a link :-)

  5. Hi dear! I just repost about your Photo A Day project on my blog! I hope this project can get more members, so it will more fun to do! Keep in touch dear! <3



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