Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30th *Something that makes you sad* ( The Last day )

The last day of FatMumSlim's Photo A Day Challenge is today :( Sigh...
 Today's photo is *Something that makes you Sad*
 This picture that I have on my fridge makes me sad. It is my husband Ben and his Grandma who passed away when Ben was around age16. And his dog Oreo who he had to give away :(
 And these are my extra pictures I had to choose from...
This makes me sad because Today is the last day of April's photo a day. But here comes another!

I love my wedding picture. But looking at it makes me realize how fast time really is going by, And that you need to cherish every single SECOND of your life.

And this one also...
THIS IS THE END OF FATMUMSLIM photo a day challenge.
 I hope that you will come and join in the fun on my May photo a day challenge!!!! I will be doing FATMUMSLIM May photo a day and also mine as well.
 This month was fun! I loved and looked forward to taking the PHOTO A DAY!

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