Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th Photo *Somewhere you went*

Today I went to Target thinking I could get an awesome picture of the builuing, But I remembered to take a pic when I got Kyra loaded in the car already and was to lazy to get out. So I thought I could take a pic of the bag when I got home! Didn't turn out as good as I wanted to.
 So we also went to the bunny park so the guys could fly kits and Ben his Heli also! Here is my pic of today !

                           Extra's !!!!!! 
Target bag

Ben looking up at kyles kite

And this is why we call in the Bunny Park!
Make a wish baby!

Ben's kite and Ben at the end of the line!

Ben's Heli!! He's getting so so good at flying it!

Kyles kite

 Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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  1. "Make a wish baby!" is really great one! And thanks for May challenge list - i love it cause it differs from others... I'm in:)


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