Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13th Photo *Something You Found*

April 13th *Something I found*
I was going threw my closet and I found my little LOVE box filled with all mine and Ben's memories!
(Our movie tickets,First Married Grocery receipt,First Gym Membership card,First Couch Receipt,Receipt from our rings,Kemah Board walk photo service,Our first Christmas Tree Receipt,Ben's plastic for around his dog tags,a bold and can lid I picked up for a souvenir when he proposed to me,Chinese cookie fortunes,straw covers,my hair tie Ben had on his wrist for a couple months, Receipt for Ben's Cookie cake I bought him for his first married birthday,Receipt for my pregnancy test for Kyra, Jim boys Taco's we ate at the day we got married,Red bull can tab(Ben always slide's his tab to the side so he knows it's his) All great memories! I love my life!

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