Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Photography

We finally got our family pictures with Kyra done! They turned out great!!

My two cutie pies:)

This little face makes me want more :)

Seriously guys.. can this be over with yet!

Hey I know that guy.. that's daddy!

Hey mom and dad.. FYI...this face means something

Ya.. it means I don't feel good.

We were a little scared about doing this picture.. well I was more scared for Ben.. Let's just say I hope she doesn't need a diaper :) haha

Ben has always wanted a big family picture! We got this one in a 20x24 ! We are so excited to get a frame for it !

It does get a little crazy and hectic in our apartment now. But all the little spit ups and crying is so worth it ! I love out little angel so much.

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