Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Kyra Pictrues !

Here are a bunch of our baby girls pictures.
 Some funny things that have happened lately. I crawled back into bed one night after putting Kyra down to sleep and Ben put his arm around me and started patting my shoulder, trying to burp me ! Ha !! He also another night started doing that to his stomach! He is a heavy sleeper and when he wakes up he thinks that he was last holding Kyra, so he will freak out when he wakes up and say WHERE IS SHE! I JUST HAD HER! It's funny ! Then another night he *kinda* woke up, and in a sleepy daze asked if my nurse was in the room! I said "Ben.. we are at home"
 About 2 nights ago Ben was feeding Kyra and she was drifting off to sleep and Ben was drinking a capri-sun
and he was joking about giving her some. I looked at him stern and said DO NOT GIVE HER THAT! Cause I was thinking that would make her never go to sleep... So what did Daddy-O do?! He put a drop on her lips, her eyes POPPED open and  they stayed open for about 2 hours after that! THANKS BENJAMIN!
 This morning when I was feeding her like always as she is getting cozy and sleepy she smiled and this time she gave me a tiny little laugh!! Being a mom is a extremely big responsibility! There is always something to do! But I just love this little critter so much ! She is so worth it ! She made me wait 11 days after her Due Date.. So worth it :) She means the world to me! Okay .. now here are the pictures!!

My contractions on the right side and Kyra's heart beat on the left.

Mom and Dad sick.

Waiting to go home..

There are lot's more that I have to post !

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