Tuesday, February 28, 2012

*Kyra Lee* Est. Feb 15, 2012

Hello there friends! I am finally back in the Blogging loop... I hope :)
 So as of February 14.. I was starting to get contractions that night, So we timed them and they were about 10 minutes apart. I didn't want to rush to the hospital only to get sent home empty handed. So we called Labor and Delivery and the nurse there asked me a few questions. And I told her I was coming in the next day at 7 A.M. To be induced ! She asked if the contractions were unbearable and if I could talk threw them. I told her they didn't hurt to bad but enough to know what they were. So I waited it out till morning and went into Labor & Delivery for my appointment. They checked and I was about 4 cm Dilated. So they hooked me up to the induction medicine. And after about 5 minutes the contractions went from 10 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart. At first I was fine, then they started to get stronger, But I really wanted to go all natural and do it without an Epidural. After 8 hours of dealing with the painful contractions I stared to cry because they were getting so strong. I finally told my husband " I can't do this "  So he went and got me a nurse and she said there was about a 20 min. wait to get the Epidural. So she gave me something to knock the edge off of the pain. Well about 3 seconds after she put whatever that was into my IV I felt stoned out of my mind. The nurse dropped a paper on her way out of my room and I almost started busting up laughing. I felt so bad for giving in and getting help from Medicine .. and I busted out crying saying I couldn't do it. But I realized Why am I going threw all this pain when I can get help!? Your crazy!!!
 So after I got the Epidural I felt amazing ! Every time I felt my stomach move down I asked Ben, Am I getting a contraction. Cause you could see my Numbers go way up when I would get one.
 After about an hour after I got the Epidural I felt the urge to push .. like little Kyra was just .. RIGHT THERE. So the nurse checked and sure enough I was fully Dilated and Fully Effaced. So to make long story short. I stared pushing.. Ben helped a lot! I was only pushing for an hour. When they placed little Kyra on my stomach and were cleaning her off my first thoughts that came to me were .. ( I could do this about 8 more times ) of course that will not happen.. maybe more like 2 more times. But the reason why I said that.. Cause with the Epidural it was so easy. I really didn't feel a thing! I cried and couldn't stop crying when I saw little Kyra! It was just so crazy to see the little thing that was inside me kicking me!
 She was born February 15th at 6:22 PM weight was 7.9 and 21 Inches. And let me tell you this little Munchkin was born with a head of hair !! She has Blue eyes like her daddy!
 She is now a week and six days old. Her fav things to do .. Eat, Poop, Eat some more, Sleep, and Smile as she drifts off to sleep! Last night as she was falling asleep she did her normal smiling and she actually laughed !! It was the cutest thing ever! But it didn't last long enough. I love my little Munchkin like crazy!
 Our first day home, When we walked inside the apartment we all three sat on the couch and I just started to cry. I couldn't believe we have a baby! A little human!
 From now on you will be seeing a ton of baby Kyra Lee photo's on here!!! 
 Oh and her sleeping.. well the first 2 nights home were great she slept good in her sleeper next to the bed. But after that things got a little crazy.. she would wake up a million times. She sleeps good when I have her in the bed with us. I'm a light sleeper so I wake at all her little noises. Now I have learned the trick.. SHE LOVES HER SWING!! She slept amazing last night !!
 Welp.. more posts to come. But right now I have a crying baby who needs to be changed :)


  1. Congratulations!! She is beautiful! That's awesome your delivery went well. I can't wait to see more pictures of Miss Kyra. :)

    Have a great day mama

  2. I"ve been looking for updates, and can't be happier for you, Ben and little Kyra. She is absolutely beautiful, and worth those extra days she made you learn "patience" Congratulations!


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