Thursday, January 12, 2012


One of my dinners I make at least once a month is Chalumpa's !! It's not what your thinking.. it's not the kind you get at Taco Bell and it's in a shell. This is kind of like a Taco Salad. But with roast. I love love love this meal.. it's yummy and it's so easy to make.. SO EASY!
 All you need is ~

~ Pot Roast
~ Pinto Beans
~ Onion
~ Chili Powder
~ Taco Seasoning
~ Cumin
~ Garlic
~ Water
You put your Roast and of  Pinto Beans in the crock pot. For Ben and I, I use about a cup and a half of the Pinto Beans. Add water to cover the top of that, Make sure to add a little extra because the beans will soak up a lot of the water. You add your Packet of Chili Powder and a packet of Taco Seasoning to the crock pot. Stir it up. Then add Your Cumin. I don't really measure that, Just go by the taste. You can always add more to your bowl when it is all done. You can either used crushed garlic or you can use powder garlic, sometimes I use both. I have a bottle of store bought crushed garlic in my fridge. Way more easy then chopping it up yourself. I guess that's just me being lazy though!
 Then like I said it's kinda like a Taco Salad.. So you will also need.
~ Lettuce
~ Hot sauce
 Or whatever you want on it. Whatever you like on your Taco Salad. Sorry I don't have any pictures for you at the moment. But when I make it again I will add pictures. I Just made it this week. So maybe in like 2 to 3 weeks I'll make it again.
 I've been doing better at my grocery shopping and planning my meals. I always pick out 5 meals that I want to make for a period of two weeks or less. Then I just get chicken, Boxed rice, Corn and Turkey Burgers and on the days I don't feel like cooking a meal I just do chicken and potatoes and corn or something like that.
 Our regular meals would be ~ Spanish Rice. ~ Spaghetti. ~ Taco's. ~ Chicken and Rice. ~ Chalumpa's. ~ Pot Roast. Yummy Yummy. Maybe I will post my Spanish Rice recipe up on here soon. I'll have to remember to take pictures while I cook it next time. Hope you enjoy this recipe like my husband and I do !


  1. Hey you didn't put how much of each ingredient to put into the pot?! :) Like how much chili powder and taco seasoning

  2. Sounds delicious and much better than that thing at Taco Bell. Thanks for linking up at A Crafty Cook.


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