Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Article by " Liz Davies "

I got an email a couple of days ago about Writting an article on my blog ! This is what the email said.


I wanted to send you a quick message and see if I would be able to write a guest article on your site. As a recent college graduate and a health nut, I am very passionate about educating people on the benefits of exercise for cancer patients. I feel that I could write a compelling article that would be of great interest to the readers of Sailing With Bare Feet.
Please feel free to email me back if this interests you.

 I emailed her back and told her of course. So here is her Article below.

Ways to Battle Cancer
Everyone tries to escape cancer or if they already have the disease they do every in their power to lessen the symptoms of treatment and finally prevent progression and reoccurrence of the infection. As a supplement to a medical treatment plan, physical activity can help assist in the war against cancer and well as prevention. Exercises lessen the negative side effects of cancer-fighting treatments and strengthen cancer patients’ body and mind. This is true for people undergoing all types of treatment whether it is for mesothelioma or pancreatic cancer.
The following are different ideas for physical activity to help lessen the issues that arise from cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.
Walking is a low-impact activity with many health advantages. Brisk walking for about 30 minutes a day, five times a week is proven to show an improvement in long-term physical and mental health. This strengthens virtually all muscles groups. This is important because most muscle often deteriorates and turns into fat during cancer treatments. Stronger muscles, especially abdominal muscles, aid in increasing energy levels and health. Walking, especially outdoors, provides meditation, burns calories and boosts ones’ frame of mind.
Yoga, or any flexibility exercise works on brining inner peace and health to all frames of the body. It increases muscle strength and is an excellent stress reliever.  Many cancer patients have high levels of stress, for obvious reasons, and this can weaken the immune system even more. Going to a yoga class or watching yoga videos on the internet is a good way to get started.  
Swimming is also another exercise with low-impact that works all muscle groups. A pool is a great space for someone who has chronic pain to perform exercises. Swimming is not hard on joints like many other types of exercise can be and provides a way to increase lung capacity through cardio.
There are many different types of exercises that improve psychological and physical health and above are just a few ideas of ways to get started.
Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.

 I hope you enjoyed her words as much as I did. Thank you Liz.

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