Friday, October 28, 2011

More Pregnancy Shopping !

So I always hate going to my closet cause I can never find a shirt to wear.
 I went to ross and went clothes shopping ! I had fun !
I don't like wearing baggy shirts like the prenatal ones.. they just make me look like a dumpy little chubby person. So I go for the tighter ones :)
 So far I have gained 16 pounds! But I am right on track ! Kyra is kicking like crazy, I only lay on my left side to sleep. And it feels like every time I lay down she walkes up and down my side. Super cool to feel. I always yank Ben's hand over "Do you feel it!?"

I thought this would be cute.. it was but looked a little funny on a pregnant belly like mine :)

I didn't get this one either. It also was short.

I loved this one! It made my belly look so big !

I got this one in a bright blue color!

Love the belly bump in this shirt!

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