Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baking cookies

So have I ever mentioned that my husband is a *Cookie Freak* ... well He is !
  My parents sent us home with some toll house cookies a couple days ago. It was to late to make them that night. So the next day while he was at work I made his cookies. I've made him homemade choc chip cookies before..and Monster cookies (they are the best MmM) But he still prefers his Already made cookies. I don't care for them to much cause they just turn out flat like a pancake.. but that's how he likes them :)
 So After I made them I was just about to tell him to come home when I realized we didn't have milk .. and He CAN NOT eat them without milk. So I hurry and go to the store. Get home and text him can you come home for a second. He's like why... I said (because) so about two seconds later ( He works at our apartments we live in, so it doesn't take long to come home) he comes home and he's like what's wrong.. I'm like Nothing I made you cookies :)

 Now if you'll excuse me I have some cookies waiting for me on the counter.. Yum.

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  1. YUM! I want some of your cookies to be waiting for me on my counter! ...


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