Monday, April 18, 2011


This is my wonderful family !! I'm so happy how my life has turned out
This is at mine and my Husbands weddings. My mom and my dad on the sides of us. This day was the happiest day of my life. I love You husband !!

Me and my oldest brother and well as you can see my husband in the background

This Is where my husband asked me to be official and also where he asked me to marry him !
My Brother was taking down a tree house and my husband wanted to take pictures even though he is afraid of heights.

My husband and his Yamaha R1

My husband and his remote street car.

Our first thanksgiving together !

This is my cousin !

My brother Me and my sister !

My gpa

He was getting a little tired of taking picture's

My brother modeling for me ;)

Love you mom!

My mom and dad :)

My favorite food when I was little

My sister !!

Nice night for  a murder (yeah!) .. (hey .. how'd you know?) .. i didn't .. i didn't

My auntie

weddin day !

Getting our first Christmas tree together !

My sib's

My cousin

The fam bam !

Me and my sis are always crazy when we are together !!

Beautiful snowy view at Apple Hill

Dad's bf !

My amazing gpa !!

My husbands side of the family

My aunt and grandpa

Bro and me !

My sis and her husband at there wedding

My cousin

At the Sacramento zoo

My cousin's daughter

 Welp That's my family !! Hope you caught a little glimps of our wonderfulness ;)

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