Sunday, March 20, 2011



 This is our little baby kitten, she is like 7 months. We were thinking about getting a dog, we had it all planned out, and it ended up not working. It would have been a pain with a puppy.. cause with dogs you gotta take them out for there little bathroom pee pee breaks... come on you can do it.. Oh boy. Anyways so we toyed with the idea.. (maybe we should get a kitten)....?
 Ben found what kind of cat he wanted .. maine coon. Because they are very large cats. Your can find pictures on google of people holding their maine coon cats.. and wow there as big as the person.
 So we heard that Petsmart was having a cat adoption day. So we went, just to look .... never know what you find right. Well we looked around, played with a couple cats,found this little black kitten.... very very hyper cat...we were thinking hmm could this be our cat. Then ben turns around, see's another adorable kitten... looks closer ( BABE!! IT'S A MAINE COON ) So we got to hold her.. and well love happened right there, let me tell ya. Purring in my arms,playint with my hair, licking my face.. what more could you want!
 So that day we adopted a 4 month old kitten. Got her litter,food,litter box, TOYS! all that stuff. Brought her home, she inspected every thing right away.. not in any way was she a shy cat.
 We love our kitten very much.. She can get on my nerves alot, but i wouldn't trade her EVER! We have these little round rugs in the kitchen... oh my word she will NOT leave them alone.She is obsessed.
 We got a squirt bottle to squirt her with when she would do something we didn't want her to do .. for instance, Climb the screens, kneed on my head, Get in the bathroom trash and pull used Q tips out to the living room.. lots of things :)
 But there are lots of things that make you love  her.. like when she lays on your chest and purrs or when she follows you around the house.. ( if she could talk she would be sayin MA MA !! ) A bunch of stuff.
 But any ways .. this is our baby SIMBA.. yes we got the name from lion king.. and yes it's a boys name.. but guess what... !! Now it's a girls name too !

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