Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*P90X* Lifestyle

So My husband and I started P90X about 6 weeks ago. I miss one day and it wrecks everything. I stopped doing it for about 2 weeks. And now I started back up on the "Lean" program they have.
 I'm proud of my husband for sticking with it EVERY DAY! He has lost already like 10 pounds. I lost four in the short term I did it.
 If you want results fast and your willing to work hard for it .. p90x is the way for you to go. If you want to be fit but you don't want to get your butt of the couch and put down the chocolate chip cookies .. don't say "I can't do it" ... You can do it if you have the right mind set... you have to want it. It is good for you ! It's not like I get out of bed in the morning jumping up and down with so much joy saying " YEAH I GET TO DO AN HOUR AND A HALF OF YOGA X TODAY" psh no way I HATE IT! But as tony says.. I hate it, but I love it.
 I just started back on 3 days ago. So I too need lots of motivation and support. I don't just plan on doing the 90 days.. I want to do this forever.
 It's amazing to see the transformation in my husband. First week of p90x when he did yoga.. he couldn't touch his toes.. now he has his hands to the ground. He is doing extremely good. I'm so proud of him :)
IS WHAT YOU GET FROM DOING P90X !  Try it out for yourself ~!~ HERE... and ORDER IT NOW ! .. or just go to ebay or craigslist like my husband and I did.

 This is one of the video's that blow my mind 


  1. You go girl! ;) Wish I could be consistent in even little simple exercising, but.. most of the time I just don't care! haha.. i don't like exercising! hahahaha :D

  2. Ya. I was always the tomboy ;)
    Ben and I are going to get into mountain biking.Now that He found me that nice one ... his two bikes got stolen. So now we have to get him a bike,or just rent two for a day for like 20$ not bad. It will cost like maybe 50 $ to fix mine.
    You guys should get bikes. For something to do together. I'm not at all a bike rider.. compared to ben who has done it all his life. But practice makes perfect.
    You should get like protein bars for energy and then work out. :)
    I do a protein drink after my workout. Gotta feed the muscles :)


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