Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Crochet Projects

HI This blog post is dedicated for me to update on anything that I want. It could be Crafts.. Pictue's.. just whatever !
 So I will start it out with my Crocheting !So i don't know why but like a month ago I was really wanting to get into crocheting, and I had no clue how to do it. My mom gave me some yarn a needle thing.. whatever that's called.. CROCHET HOOK ! There we go ;) So she showed me how to do the regular stitch. I practiced with it some.. then got bored of it. Then my sister in Canada started crocheting also... wow.. she took off with that.. she has already made 3 scarfs.. one for her, our mom and one for me. And she has made the pot holder etc. which I am working on now.. and has been working on for like a month and a half now. I tell myself ( I'm going to crochet tonight )... that is after i clean our apartment and play on the computer some. So that means I never get around to it. So I will post what I have got so far .. maybe doing a post on my blog about it will give me incentive to actually finish what I started. My husband sometimes watches me while I am busy away at that dang pot holder ... and he says ( Babe.. this is making me nervous watching you ) .. you should see my face as I'm doing my stitches .. eye brows squinted, lips squeezed tight.. it's pretty intense!

This is my finished product. I label it my "Forever" Project because I kept forgetting to finish it

 But I am not giving up. I'm going to make a scarf next !

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