Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me and My Husband !

Well here we go.
 This year has been the best year of my life... let me tell ya. It all started back when i was 14 when my brothers girlfriends cousin came to visit california.It was pretty much a crush at first sight. He was 2 years older then me. And well i was kind of a nerd, so i didn't think he would be interested in me. He was more on the line of a skater punk. We kept in touch a little bit here and there over myspace and facebook. And when i turned 18 i moved in with my Brother and his girlfriend.And me and the grown up skater boy,now a navy Sea bee started talking back in december of 09. for a couple months i didn't have a cell phone yet, so i was pretty much just talking to him over the computer or using my brothers girlfriends cell. But we talked ALOT !! let me tell ya so much that he wanted to to come visit us all the way from texas. And so he bought a plain ticket to cali  He stayed with us for 2 weeks. I got used to having him around.The first say week was kinda weird, we didn't really talk to each other. But the end of the last week, we hit it off and i didn't want him to go all the way back to Texas. But he had to go. To make a long story short, He moved back to California to be with me. We dated about a month.. then we got engaged .. about two weeks later on July 2 2010 we got married. Our life long journey together has just begun. I love him very much. He means the world to me. I never knew it was possible to be THIS happy !!


  1. Your very first blog post! Congrats :) You will pick up on it the more you use it and play around. I'll help you find things too.. XO


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